lundi 12 septembre 2011

Thoughts on Taxation.

The role of taxation is wealth redistribution.It takes money from those who have and uses it to social advantages in building schools, hospitals,and libraries, or in local projects for local people. So taxation, whilst nobody wants to participate, is essential for the social cohesion!;tax is the glue that joins us all in our communities.Those who can pay tax, but avoid it are guilty of indirectly destroying social fabric. Taxing the poor on the premise that their are more of them is socially unjust . Like the graffiti artists or the looters, tax avoiders are the real 'feral underclass' (to use a recently coined phrase).
Tax is like death, natural and unavoidable. When companies or individuals leave countries to seek 'better tax conditions' it signals the need for a global taxation approach. Companies that threaten to leave due to tax burdens are really saying that they choose another society, or that they want the benefits of society but not the responsibilities.
An adult vision of tax would be really welcome.Money is just a tool. Governments that promise less tax should be greeted with skepticism at best and disbelief at most. Less tax for who? And less tax why? Are two questions that should immediately spring to mind. Countries that have a sovereign debt  crisis shouldn't be offering anyone tax breaks, rather the opposite. Wee have to get the money back .
Recently , millionaires have said 'they are willing to pay more tax'.But this just begs the question, why now, (publicity)and why are they millionaires in the first place?(they didn't pay enough tax in the past).

A tax rate to squeeze the rich is now inevitable, but at the moment the tax system squeezes the middle and the poor more. A political party ready to accept the consequences of this is now really urgently needed.

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